ECS: The Board of Directors, officially adopted, in 1984, a long-term rehabilitation program of District conveyance facilities with a targeted completion date of 20 years. Various elements of the program will be constructed each year by District forces. A major part of this effort is to pipe all laterals, beginning with gravity lands. Thirty-three years later, we continue to work on this. To date 317 miles of enclosed laterals have been installed and 1860 Flow meter deliveries. 71% of the acreage in the District has been updated to ECS.

This coming off season, Pump 9, north of Outlook, WA will be enclosed utilizing 9.4 miles of PVC pipe ranging from 2” through 30” diameter along with 33 Flow meters ranging in sizes from 1.5” to 12”. The following table lays out the future areas of construction as approved by Board of Directors.