AquaLastic Sealing

Area of AquaLasic Applied

AquaLastic Sealing: The concrete lined sections of the Roza Canal were designed with lining drains running longitudinally under the concrete liner with exits spaced approximately every 0.2 miles at locations where the water would gravity flow away from the Main Canal. The lining drains were intended for carrying ground water away from the liner during the fall and winter months to prevent liner damage caused by freeze/thaw cycles. These drains also help to prevent over-saturation of the Main Canal embankment during the irrigation season, so they must be kept open and operational even during the irrigation season. In the concrete lined sections of the Main Canal, when water passes through the cracks and joints in the liner most of it passes out through the lining drains. When the cracks in the concrete liner are sealed these lining drains tend to have considerably reduced flow, or most often, dry up completely.

The District has 23.5 miles of concrete lined canals; to date 6 miles have been sealed. The District utilizes professional contractors for canal sealing work.  In the 2017-2018 off season we have an existing contract to be completed, which will add 1.1 miles to the completed sealing list.  Then in the spring we will be contracting for an additional 2.4 miles to be completed in the 2018-2019 off season.