Historic Photographs

Welcome to the Roza Irrigation District’s historic photographs database!

This database is a collection of photographs taken by the Bureau of Reclamation during construction of the irrigation system within the Roza Division of the Yakima Project (1935-1956). These photographs provide valuable information on the construction of the irrigation system as well as the agricultural development within the area.

To get started, move your cursor toward the “Engineering Photos” database and click on the magnifying glass that pops up as you scroll toward “Engineering Photos.” This will allow you to search the photographs by category.

Note: The “Archives” database and associated magnifying glass is not part of the historic photos database. It will not provide you with links to photos.

If you want to browse all the photographs, click on “Engineering Photos” and all of the historic photographs will be listed in the database.

To view images, double click on this icon

To download or send images, click the check mark to the left of the image. The “Actions” title will illuminate. Click the down arrow to the right of “Actions” and scroll through the options and select download preference. Then you can select the file naming convention and the file will download.