RRA Rules & Regulations

Reclamation Law establishing terms and conditions pursuant to which project  water may be supplied is designed:

  • To provide viable farm opportunities on land receiving Reclamation Project water
  • To distribute widely the benefits from the Reclamation program
  • To preclude the accrual of speculative gain in the disposition of excess land
  • To require reimbursement to the Federal Government of the full cost of providing irrigation water to landholdings which exceed established limits

The Reclamation Reform Act of 1982 (RRA) sets forth these terms and contains "discretionary provisions" which provide different terms and conditions than those available to persons and Districts subject to the "Prior Law". The Roza Irrigation District has elected to come under the provisions of the RRA by Board action on November 14, 1991.

If you have any questions regarding the RRA Rules and Regulations for your landholdings you may e-mail Kristel Espinoza or you may contact them by phone at 509-837-5141.

RRA forms are now available for download on the USBR web site.  Click here to access these forms.