Pump 9, North of Outlook, WA. – 9.4 miles of pipe

The District will in future years be focusing on enclosing the pump laterals while picking up the few gravity laterals that are left. Sections of the concrete lined main canal are currently leaking large flows of water that are lost through the lining drain system. The lining drains were put in place when the canal was originally installed to carry groundwater away from the underside of the concrete liner.

These drains were to protect the concrete lining from floating or heaving when the canal was dewatered. Unfortunately, concrete liner by itself doesn’t stop the flow of water. It cracks due to contraction caused by temperature and slight soil movements and it must be put in with seams to help control the cracking. The lining drains contribute to seepage through the lining by creating a short and easy path for the water to flow. Over time the concrete seams and cracks in the lining have caused these lining drains to run considerable amounts of water. The District plans to seal all expansion joints and cracks in these concrete lined sections with a spray on high strength and highly elastic polyurea called Aqualastic to eliminate the flows through the concrete lining.

This product has been used successfully in Quincy Irrigation District for several years and Roza has used it for three years now with very good results.