Lining Drain Exits

Open Lining_Drain_exit

Lining drain exits, 1 Project:

The Roza Irrigation District has been working in the Moxee valley on the main canal lining. Portions of main canal floor have not had the life expectancy the District would have expected. The District has been working to identify reasons for this.  One of the solutions the District is pursuing is creating a drain system that allows water that accumulates against the lining in these areas to be relieved and directed to existing open drains in the Moxee area. For the majority of the basin this would mean the Moxee A drain.  This winter we are installing 4,000 feet of 15” Drain line to carry water from 3 Lining drain exits near Mile Post 25.1 of the main canal to the Moxee A Drain.