Gravel Pack Refits

Gravel Pack (2)

Gravel Pack Retrofits:  The District, over time, developed gravel packs which utilize slotted PVC Pipe placed along the lower embankment and encased in rock.  They prevent aquatic weeds that are suspended in the canal water from entering turn out pipes and clogging flowmeters.  They reduce time spent on cleaning both flowmeter impellers as well as pulling weeds on turn out grates.

Gravel pack maintenance involves cleaning weeds, silt, and debris off the outside of the rock encasement to decrease head loss at the entrance to the pipeline. Air lines are installed within the gravel encasement alongside the gravel pack pipe and compressed air is used to clean the gravel pack.  This system makes the work of cleaning gravel packs much more time efficient.

One new gravel pack is scheduled to be installed in the 2017-2018 off season. There are currently 17 gravel packs that need to be upgraded with airlines and they will be upgraded as time permits.