Roza Water Users-

  • Diversions at Roza dam will stop on the morning of Wednesday October 20th, which is the latest date allowed under the District’s water right.  Water users in the lower half of the district will have water for 2 to 3 additional days as the system drains out.
  • The District has deferred the Pump 14 lateral canal piping project for a year due to a 70%+ spike in the price of pipe. The cost increase is the result of a plastic resin shortage made worse by COVID impacts to resin and pipe production, and the freeze in Texas in February  which caused severe restrictions in resin production and created a ripple effect which is still affecting the supply chain. Roza crews will be tackling a long list of other maintenance projects this winter.
  • Initial long range weather forecasts for next winter appear to be favorable. Generally speaking, a wetter/colder October bodes well for snow accumulation during the following winter/spring.
  • Roza has been awarded a $481,000 grant by the state of Washington to perform additional sealing work in the concrete lined sections of the Main Canal this winter. The new grant will bring the total amount that the state has funded for canal sealing since 2014 to nearly $2.5M.
  • Attached is a diagram which describes the types of water rights in the Yakima basin.